May 19-20, 2021


What it is about

As part of the DFG-funded project 'A General Theory of Multivaluation', the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main hosted the workshop 'Agreement in Multivaluation Constructions' on 19-20 May 2021. The workshop aimed to investigate how agreement is determined when there is not a unique controller of agreement, and so the target of agreement obtains features from multiple sources. Among others, talks investigate the following topics:

Research topics

  1. Cross-linguistic differences in agreement patterns with disjoined and conjoined subjects, and the structure of coordination.
  2. How feature conflicts regarding person, number, and gender in case of multivaluation are resolved and effects of syncretism.
  3. Patterns of closest conjunct and highest conjunct agreement, and how they impact on the formulation of the mechanism of agreement.
  4. Experimental work on agreement patterns in multivaluation constructions.

Invited Speakers

Barbara Citko
Barbara Citko

University of Washington

Paula Fenger
Paula Fenger

Leipzig University

Caroline Heycock
Caroline Heycock

University of Edinburgh

Franc Marusic
Franc Marušič

University of Nova Gorica

Jana Willer Gold
Jana Willer Gold

University College London

Organizing committee

Melissa Jeckel

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Talks & Handouts

INVITED: Caroline Heycock (University of Edinburgh)Multivaluation (or not) in Icelandic (handout)
Zheng Shen (National University of Singapore)Coordinate Structure Constraint and Conjunction Agreement (handout)
Lefteris Paparounas & Martin Salzmann (University of Pennsylvania)First conjunct clitic doubling in Modern Greek (handout)
INVITED: Jana Willer Gold (University College London)Locus of Gender Resolution: on Goal or on Probe? (handout)
Luke Adamson (Harvard University) & Elena Anagnostopoulou (University of Crete)Interpretability and Gender Features in Coordination: Evidence from Greek (handout)
Ora Matushansky (CNRS/Utrecht University)Gender-fluid coordination (handout, handout 2)
Ekaterina Lyutikova & Anastasia Gerasimova (Lomonosov Moscow State University)Multivaluation meets case variation: A case study of Tatar postpositions (handout)
Katharina Hartmann & Anke Himmelreich (Goethe University Frankfurt)Agreement with disjoined subjects in German (handout)
INVITED: Lanko Marušič (University of Nova Gorica)Flogging a dead horse or tweaking the relevant details (handout)
Kaori Furuya (University of North Texas)Unagreement is illusion in imposter constructions
Paulina Lyskawa (The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø)Phi-feature resolution under coordination is extra-grammatical (handout)
INVITED: Paula Fenger (Leipzig University)I’m sticking with you: What phonology can tell us about the syntax of multiple agree (handout)
Nicolas Lamoure (Goethe University Frankfurt)D>N>&>N constructions: Romance closest conjunct agreement vs. Germanic resolved agreement (handout)
Anke Himmelreich, Melissa Jeckel, Katharina Hartmann, Johannes Mursell, Nelli Kerezova & Peter Smith (Goethe University Frankfurt)Agreement with coordinated subjects in the world‘s languages (handout)
Luke Adamson (Harvard University)Coordinating Adjectives in Italian: A Multidominant, Summative Agreement Approach (handout)
Astrid van Alem (Leiden University)Reinstating the clausal analysis of first conjunct agreement: Evidence from complementizer agreement (handout)
Faruk Akkuş (University of Pennsylvania)On the (non)-relation between C and T (handout)
INVITED: Barbara Citko (University of Washington)Merge (Late and Parallel) and Agree (Closest and Multiple): A View from Relative Clauses with Coordinated Heads (handout)